10 Essential Pieces for Female Backpackers

Hello guys! It’s Inas from the blog www.inasnoseitall.com , lifestyle/fashion blog, writing a new post here for an awesome friend of mine Nada Al Nahdi!

So in this post I’ll be covering type of clothing to take as a backpacker, something light, practical and of course fashionable cuz you wanna be cool in that Instagram pic or Snapchat!

1. Sarong

Which a long piece of clothing that you can wrap it and wear in different ways, as shown here.


Specially if you’re going to a hot destination, you can wear on top of your swimwear or even as a skirt when you’re out and about or as a dress! To a date night! It comes in different beautiful pattern or in one color.

2. Basic shirts



Cuz we all can’t live without! And you can dress it up or down as you like. And you can go with different type of basic shirts, t-shirts, sleeveless one, V-neck, rounded-neck .. etc, and I’d advice you going for the natural colors, white, black and grey.

3 The Elephant pants!

I’m sure we all have seen this pants everywhere by now, light, comfy and it’ll save you space!


4 Leggings

Don’t we all need a good quality leggings, black ones especially, easy to pack, comfortable to wear! And if you wanna be extra cool and you have a bit of extra space you can go with light Jeggings!

5 Cardigan you might get some chilly nights that you want to be a lil cozy and warm , cardigan are light and easy to fold without getting wrinkled.

6 Scarf for extra coziness or even as an accessory, you can wrap it around your neck if it’s cold, or wear as a turban if it’s hot and you want your head to be covered, you can make a bow or you can wrap it in your bag as an accessory.


7 Crossbody bag – small, safe and practical! Taking your essential stuff while roaming around the city!

Makeup! Hmm do you want to wear some makeup? I’m sure you wanna add some color to your face so you be a bit presentable for some days, something that makes you glowy, so go with your favorite pinkish or reddish lipstick and a highlight a creamy one if it suites your skin type and powder highlight, lipstick you can always wear it as a lip color and as a blush! I know that we all do it sometimes! And a of course you don’t wanna go without applying sunscreen cuz it’s a MUST! For some coverage take a bb cream with you.

9. Sneakers! As a backpacker you should know by now what’s comfy to wear for walking and hiking, invest in one +a pair of flip flop for the beach.

10. Sunglasses and a hat, cuz you wanna be protected from the sun , especially if you’re going to hot destinations.

And that’s it guys! Enjoy your traveling and Nada you go girl! Hope that was helpful for you guys, I’m sure It was and you won’t go wrong with any of these pieces!

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