10 Reasons to Visit Ireland

When I talk about Ireland or mention of visiting Ireland, I get reactions such as “Who goes to Ireland?” “Why would anyone go to Ireland?”

I visited Ireland in June 2016 and it’s a country that I would love to visit every year.

Here are 10 out of the many reasons to visit Ireland.

1. The People – Everyone in Ireland is extremely friendly, welcoming and easygoing. I made many friends during my visit whom I am still in touch with and even met some of them in other countries during my travels.

Go to a pub alone and come out with at least 5 new friends.


2. Country Size – Ireland is relatively small in size and it is so easy to go around the country. The public transportation is extensively networked across the country.

From Dublin to far north, south or east takes about 3 to 4 hours and only 2 hours to Belfast in Northern Ireland!

3. Breathtaking Sceneries – Ireland is surrounded by many lush green hills across the country. 




4. The Irish Weather – I went to Ireland during summer expecting beautiful sunny days. Turned out, the Irish summer does not come with the promising sunny days.  The weather is so unpredictable that you start to doubt every weather forecast 😀


Here’s my failed attempt to see Cliffs of Moher due to unexpected weather change. BEAUTIFUL ISN’T IT!? 😀


5. Food – Hands down to the best chips I have ever tasted! Curry chips in Ireland is something I really miss! Don’t forget to try Irish Stew and soda bread!



6. Castles – Ireland has so many picturesque medieval and rustic castles.


7. Nightlife – The nightlife in the city is so lively that every night felt like a weekend. 




8. Hikes – With many lush green hills, rugged countryside and long stretch of coastline, Ireland offers many perfect hiking spots.




9. Phoenix Park – Visit the biggest indoor park in Europe with loads of deers to feed.


10. Festivals – As I landed in Dublin, it was LGBTQ Pride Day. The city was filled with parades and lots of fun. Ireland has a lot of festivals such as the famous St. Patricks Day. Check out the list of festivals in this link.


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