Breaking Free

I want to travel. I want to experience freedom. I want to free myself from the lethal routine.

If only Doraemon were real. I need his pouch with limitless possibilities. Lend me his magic door that opens up to any place you wish for.

Until one day, the dream I’ve been dreaming popped in front of my eyes, except, it was lived by someone else, a friend, a good old friend.

And so I asked her, how are you doing this? All by yourself? Aren’t you afraid from the dangers that could happen to you? What do you do as a solo female in a foreign country halfway around the world? A foreign place where you’re not used to; a place without lethal routine.

She chuckled and lightly said “Try it”. My brain still had so many questions flowing; unanswered questions.

I took the leap of faith and asked her to teach me; show me.

And that’s when I realized, the world is bigger than what my small mind knew, safer than what the media and society exploits it.

From then on, I haven’t stopped exploring different countries-alone.

Family and friends questions and opposes my daring act. They try to oppress me from freeing my spirit. They ask questions that I had asked my friend. All I can say is that; you never know until you try. How can you conclude something without experiencing it first hand. Don’t be fooled by the media and the walled society we are in.

I will continue my journey to live and feed my soul with goodness that life has to offer; in this beautiful wide world.

Go out there and see it for yourself. Feed your soul and it will guide you to happiness and joy. The kind you never felt or knew.

Yes, I’m a female, Yes I’m half Arab and living in a society where women leading their life is frowned upon.

But it won’t stop me. It won’t stop me from living and fulfilling what my soul cries for.

Happiness; a sense of individuality.

A Yemeni/Indonesian who knew nothing outside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; now craving to explore other cultures, traditions, and way of life.

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  1. Fill your life with adventures, not things.
    Have stories to tell not stuff to show.
    It’s leaves you speechless then turns you a storyteller.

    1. Totally agree! Before I started traveling, I wouldn’t have understood that. But after going on adventures and spending my earning on experiences, I wish I had done it much sooner. Cheers to more adventures and experiences! 😀

  2. Mehmet Çakir says: Reply

    You’re doing good job never give up.
    Try to explore more.

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