Memorable 2015

18th September 2015: The day where it all began. When I first step foot in a foreign country without the slightest thought that I would be hooked to traveling and exploring. 22nd October 2015: My first solo trip! For my first solo trip,  I went to Egypt to attend a friend’s wedding 😀 From then […]


Name: Nada Al Nahdi Birth Date: 01 October 1992 Origin: Indonesian/Yemeni by blood, Yemeni by nationality, Saudi by heart Nationality: Yemeni Home Town: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Birth Place: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Aspiration: To experience different cultures and way of life. To visit every country and witness the truth about them with complete disregard of the […]

Breaking Free

I want to travel. I want to experience freedom. I want to free myself from the lethal routine. If only Doraemon were real. I need his pouch with limitless possibilities. Lend me his magic door that opens up to any place you wish for. Until one day, the dream I’ve been dreaming popped in front […]