Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

Golden monkeys are native to Rwanda and they are endangered due to deforestation. I did the Golden Monkey Trek in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park which costs 75 USD. It is an easy trek that lasts between 3 to 5 hours depending on the movement of the Golden Monkeys. I was very lucky that both groups […]

The Forgotten Pyramids in Sudan

Before visiting Sudan, I thought I would run out of things to do. Instead, I ran out of time to see the many remote and hidden treasures. Did you know that Sudan has pyramids? They have nearly 200 pyramids, giving them the country with the biggest number of pyramids in the world! I had a […]

Tanzania; Wildlife at its Best

What does one do when they visit Tanzania apart from climbing one of the 7 summits? Game drives all day errday! So here was my 5 days itinerary and I will be writing my very honest feedback on each as usual. Day 1: Tarangire National Park Right after breakfast, the guide picked me up from […]

7 Things about Rwanda

How much do you know about Rwanda other than the violent genocide that happened in 1994. I was stunned by pleasant surprises when I arrived in Rwanda. 1. Eco Friendly – Did you know that Rwanda is one the first African countries to enforce plastic ban? It’s not just a title, this is enforced diligently. When […]

Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Did you know that mountain gorillas are endangered? Did you know that they are habituated only in the Virunga mountains? Virunga mountains are shared between DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Mountain gorillas have been declared as endangered. There are only about 700 of them left in the world. These peaceful and intelligent creatures are victims […]

Female Travellers in Morocco

Here’s where it all started… 18th September 2015. My friend and I landed in Casablanca and the first thing I told her was ‘So, this is how it feels to be in a foreign country!’ 😀 Morocco has a rep of not female friendly. It was the first foreign country I visited and it wasn’t anything […]

Climbing Mount Bisoke in Rwanda

I have always wanted to climb a mountain and at the same time, I am hesitant about it. I couldn’t be sure enough if climbing was my thing. So I decided to give it a try. I mean, you never know until you try right?! After reading BeMyTravelMuse’s post on Rwanda, she recommends to climb […]

Kenya – A Treasured Memory

Kenya blew me away from the moment I stepped in the Nairobi airport. Kenyans love to yell out Karibu which means welcome with the broadest smile like there isn’t any trouble in the world. Untouched nature, raw wilderness and genuine happy people I wish I have the photos to show all of Kenya, unfortunately, the memory will […]

My First Solo Trip

I know a lot of females who are curious to try traveling solo yet they are afraid to take the first step. I think it would help a lot by starting with going to a foreign country that is not so foreign. My first solo trip was to Egypt.  Coming from Saudi, it felt like I […]

Highlights of My Trip in Ethiopia

My trip to Ethiopia had loads of ups and downs. There were times where I had horrible experiences but now that I look back, it is what makes the trip memorable! Ethiopia surprised me in many ways. It is a lot greener than I thought! Here are the highlights of my trip! 1. Without a […]