Madain Saleh on a Budget

Eager to visit Saudi’s first UNESCO World Heritage site but don’t know where to begin? I’ve got it all covered with minimal cost! Al Ula is located on the north-western side part of Saudi, about 380km north of Madinah. It is known for its ruins and historical places of over 2,000 years old. Things You […]

Bahrain on a Budget

After 25 years living in the GCC and more than 2 years of traveling, I finally made a trip to a neighboring country; Bahrain. Many GCC residents have not been to Bahrain simply because it is presumed to be on the expensive side or not worth visiting. I’m going to bust those assumptions based on […]

Adventure Seekers; Oman is calling for you!

Let’s not underestimate the beauty that Oman is blessed with in the Gulf countries. I was struck by surprise of the greenery, landscape, hospitality,  and nature which has not been exposed enough. I am beat that I don’t have any photos or videos to show what I had experienced within just 2 days as I […]

5 Pillars of Jordan

My visit to Jordan was only for 26 hours due to wrong ticket booking and I managed to cover Petra, Dead Sea, Amman (all the great food), and Mount Nebo which you can read about on this post. Here, Anissa will cover the places which I did not get to visit due to time constraint. […]

Winter Camping Experience in Lebanon

Beginning of this year, I stumbled upon a post on Winter Camping by the amazing travel blogger; Anna 🙂 Her first winter camping trip in Iceland inspired me to give it a shot. To be honest, before reading her post,  I did not know that camping in winter is a thing. 😛 Anna’s post was […]

Dubai Off the Beaten Path

As most of my readers are from Saudi Arabia and I know how much you guys love Dubai. Here are some recommendations from the gorgeous Abbie! You can check out more on her life in Dubai through her blog ———————————————————————————– When you think of Dubai, you think “Skyscrapers”, “City Life”, and my personal favorite, […]

Mada’in Saleh; Saudi’s First UNESCO World Heritage

Having lived in Saudi my whole life, I am proud to say that we have an amazing array of archaeological site that are worth visiting. I hope Saudi opens up for tourism soon so others can explore and discover that Saudi has a lot more than just sand dunes, camels and oil. Here is Mada’in […]

Al Wa’abah Crater

Al Wa’abahCrater is a massive volcanic crater with a depth of 250 meters and 2 km width. It’s located 350 km  from Jeddah, it takes about 4 hours drive. It is a great place for camping and hiking. The hike was not easy due to the heat from the sun right on top of your […]

26 Hours in Jordan!

Believe it or not, you can see the main spots in Jordan in just 26 hours! This is not for those who are not in for some sleepless adventure! How did it happen? I had mistakenly booked my ticket for only 1 night instead of 2 nights. I didn’t want to change the flight and […]