Visa Free or On Arrival for Yemenis

As a Yemeni, it is a hassle to get a visa. Not to mention, the chances of being denied. Here, I’ve listed out visa on arrival or visa free countries for Yemenis based on my experience 😀 Visa Free/Visa on Arrival for all Yemeni nationals 1. Armenia 2. Malaysia 3. Cambodia 4. Sudan Visa Free/Visa […]

Travel Mishaps

Here is a list of ridiculous mistakes I have made along my travels and I am pretty sure there will be more in the future.   I hope you won’t make the same mistakes after reading them. 1. Single Entry Visa – I am well aware of the difference between Single Entry vs Multiple Entry. However, […]

Earn While You Travel with AirWayBill

Many people have asked me on how I can afford traveling so often to many different countries. There are many answers to that question, especially in this digital age we are living with numerous applications, social websites and other tools that has made traveling with little budget possible. One of the genius tool I have […]

10 Essential Pieces for Female Backpackers

Hello guys! It’s Inas from the blog , lifestyle/fashion blog, writing a new post here for an awesome friend of mine Nada Al Nahdi! So in this post I’ll be covering type of clothing to take as a backpacker, something light, practical and of course fashionable cuz you wanna be cool in that Instagram […]