Holi Festival in Jaipur

Holi also known as the festival of colors is held on a yearly basis and it is most popular in the northern part of India. I chose to celebrate Holi in the pretty pink city; Jaipur.

Here is Hawa Mahal; probably the most iconic structure in Jaipur with it’s intricate facade in terracotta pink. In order to maintain the color scheme across the city, there is an enforced law on it.

The city is truly pretty in pink.


What is Holi Festival?  It is a Hindu festival that has become global where other countries have followed the tradition of throwing colored powder to one another and celebrate the day filled with festivities, water guns and colors!


I was warned at least a dozen times to not celebrate Holi in the streets alone. Heck, since when do I listen to warnings without experiencing myself?! So I did anyway and it was a hell lot of fun!


Here are few things you should know as a solo female when celebrating Holi.

1. Apply a generous amount of lotion or other type of moisturizer to your skin and hair unless you want to stay with different patch of colors for a few days 😛


2. Go on the streets and celebrate with the locals! I did not feel in danger or harassed at any point of time. In fact, they were very polite by asking if they could put some color on my cheeks and forehead.


3. Tourist police will be surrounding the city so you don’t have to worry about safety.


4. You might want to skip having Lassi from the streets on Holi because it will probably be infused with bhaang or take it anyway? 😛


5. Hostels/Hotels usually arrange a private celebration for their guests for a small cost, so this is always fun to go to but don’t forget to experience the streets!




6. You will notice that there is barely any local female on the streets, I was told that this is because during Holi, men are allowed to throw colored powder at any body parts which they might take advantage and cross boundaries however, I did not encounter such behavior.


The next time you visit India during Holi, don’t be afraid to celebrate on the streets with the locals like a local 😀

Happy Holi!

A Yemeni/Indonesian who knew nothing outside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; now craving to explore other cultures, traditions, and way of life.

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