Mallorca (Majorca) is one of the Balearic islands in Spain with Palma as the capital city.

Mallorca is surrounded by mountains and if you drive out of the highway, you could see many fields of watermelon and other plantations.



How to get there:

If you book in advance, flying is the cheapest and fastest way. In case the flight fare peaks up, you could go by Ferry that runs overnight regularly. Please check the link below for the departure points and schedule.

The ferry was very comfortable and equipped with a bar, restaurant, clean toilets and big seats.

I slept comfortably throughout the journey.



What to  expect:

There are many beaches around the island and each of them offers something different.

Cala Morlanda

Cala Morlanda is located on the east of Mallorca. I highly recommend to visit the secluded rugged beach along the cliffs.


What I enjoyed most was that it was not invaded by tourists and there are many beautifully shaped sea caves with surprisingly warm water! The water in the other beaches were quiet too cold to dip in.


Note that you would need to wear your shoes to walk along the cliffs and to get into the water. It is very sharp, rough and some are slippery. DSCF1321[1]




Because it is not a tourist destination, the area does not have the usual food stall or shops. Those are available within 15 minutes walk from the cliff.

As you walk along the cliff towards the food stalls/ bus stop, you will find a gravel field where the elderly gather to play Petanca. Stick around and watch the game.




Magaluf is located only 30 minutes away from Palma; the capital city. It’s primary attraction is towards British. Skip it at all cost unless if you are looking to end up in Britain/Ireland. The bars, restaurants, beaches, shops, you name it; all run by foreigners – British in particular.

The beach is also invaded by mostly young generations. It is not common to find elderly or families in Magaluf. And if you do find them, you can sense the awkwardness from their face; they probably feel completely out of place with binge drinking youngsters walking around.

I wouldn’t recommend Magaluf for a family or relaxing destination.



Playa del Muro

Playa del Muro is located on the north of Mallorca; close to Alcudia Port. It is one of the most stunning beaches that is away from modern tall buildings surrounding the beach.




Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo is a harbour town on the east coast of Mallorca. Surprisingly, it was not packed with tourists in comparison to other beaches I had visited.


I visited Porto Cristo on a Sunday and they have a small Sunday market which was quite nice with reasonable prices too.



Cala Millor

Cala Millor is a tourist destination since the 50’s. I personally did not spend much time there and took the bus to Cala Morlanda. I was looking for more local areas to visit.


It is said to have beautiful landscape that is different to the other parts of Mallorca. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to drive up the mountain. Many locals recommended it, so consider this on your trip!


How to get around:

Rent a car or else you’d be waiting for an hour or two at the bus station and waste time through all the stops. The weekends are even worse with reduced buses running.



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