Tanzania; Wildlife at its Best

What does one do when they visit Tanzania apart from climbing one of the 7 summits? Game drives all day errday! So here was my 5 days itinerary and I will be writing my very honest feedback on each as usual. Day 1: Tarangire National Park Right after breakfast, the guide picked me up from […]

Bahrain on a Budget

After 25 years living in the GCC and more than 2 years of traveling, I finally made a trip to a neighboring country; Bahrain. Many GCC residents have not been to Bahrain simply because it is presumed to be on the expensive side or not worth visiting. I’m going to bust those assumptions based on […]

Bahrain Visa

Travel by Air: Apply online https://www.evisa.gov.bh/ Visa Fee: 250 SAR   Travel by Land: Requirements: The traveler must be a dependent or carry a permit letter from their guardian that they are allowed to travel. Visa Fee: FREE!   Personal Experience: The consulate informed me that I would need to pay 50 SAR and get it on […]

7 Things about Rwanda

How much do you know about Rwanda other than the violent genocide that happened in 1994. I was stunned by pleasant surprises when I arrived in Rwanda. 1. Eco Friendly – Did you know that Rwanda is one the first African countries to enforce plastic ban? It’s not just a title, this is enforced diligently. When […]

How I Travel without Breaking My Wallet

How can you afford to travel all the time?! Are you rich? Do you have extra savings? Who pays for your travels? Do you get sponsored? These are questions I get most of the time and I’m going to break it down on how I travel the world without breaking my wallet while earning an […]

Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Did you know that mountain gorillas are endangered? Did you know that they are habituated only in the Virunga mountains? Virunga mountains are shared between DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Mountain gorillas have been declared as endangered. There are only about 700 of them left in the world. These peaceful and intelligent creatures are victims […]

Female Travellers in Morocco

Here’s where it all started… 18th September 2015. My friend and I landed in Casablanca and the first thing I told her was ‘So, this is how it feels to be in a foreign country!’ 😀 Morocco has a rep of not female friendly. It was the first foreign country I visited and it wasn’t anything […]

Adventure Seekers; Oman is calling for you!

Let’s not underestimate the beauty that Oman is blessed with in the Gulf countries. I was struck by surprise of the greenery, landscape, hospitality,  and nature which has not been exposed enough. I am beat that I don’t have any photos or videos to show what I had experienced within just 2 days as I […]

Memorable 2015

18th September 2015: The day where it all began. When I first step foot in a foreign country without the slightest thought that I would be hooked to traveling and exploring. 22nd October 2015: My first solo trip! For my first solo trip,  I went to Egypt to attend a friend’s wedding 😀 From then […]

Things to do in Armenia

Armenia; I don’t know where to begin. Should I start with the genocide, the people, the culture, their grief, their struggle, their generosity, or the food? There’s so much to cover about Armenia and I was there for only 3 days! The experience I had in Armenia is one of the closest to my heart. […]