5 Pillars of Jordan

My visit to Jordan was only for 26 hours due to wrong ticket booking and I managed to cover Petra, Dead Sea, Amman (all the great food), and Mount Nebo which you can read about on this post. Here, Anissa will cover the places which I did not get to visit due to time constraint. […]

The Andalusian Capital; Sevilla

Which better place is there to experience an authentic Flamenco other than the birthplace itself and for FREE?! Visit Casa Anselma to experience an underground and authentic flamenco. The performance will leave you with shivers. Casa Anselma does not have any signage but the building is on the corner of the street with beautiful ceramic. […]

Cyprus Visa

Required Documents: 1. Filled Application Forms (Send a mail to mohammed@alfadlgroup.com to get all requirements) 2. Hotel Reservation 3. Ticket Reservation 4. Employment Letter authenticated by Chamber of Commerce 5. 3 Months Bank Statement 6. 1 Photograph 7. Travel Insurance 8. Iqama Copy 9. Passport Copy Visa Fee: 200 SAR Process Time: 10 working days Contact […]

Visa Free or On Arrival for Yemenis

As a Yemeni, it is a hassle to get a visa. Not to mention, the chances of being denied. Here, I’ve listed out visa on arrival or visa free countries for Yemenis based on my experience 😀 Visa Free/Visa on Arrival for all Yemeni nationals 1. Armenia – Visa on Arrival 2. Malaysia – Visa […]

Winter Camping Experience in Lebanon

Beginning of this year, I stumbled upon a post on Winter Camping by the amazing travel blogger; Anna 🙂 Her first winter camping trip in Iceland inspired me to give it a shot. To be honest, before reading her post,  I did not know that camping in winter is a thing. 😛 Anna’s post was […]

East Africa Tourist Visa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda)

Apply Online through either countries (Kenya/Uganda/Rwanda) or Apply through either Embassy in Riyadh Required Documents:  1. Filled Application Form 2. 2 Passport Sized Photos 3. Employment Letter Visa Fee: 380 SAR Process Time: 1 Day Contact  Number: 011 454 4910 (Uganda Embassy) Location: https://goo.gl/maps/wrRwhhK8nq72 (Uganda Embassy) Update! It is important that once you use your East Africa Visa, you […]

Rwanda Visa

Apply Visa Online: www.migration.gov.rw Process Time: 3 days Visa Fee: 50 USD Personal Experience: I applied online and chose the option ‘Pay Later’. I never got a response or updates. I’ve sent them several mails but no response. I ended up going using an East African Visa which you could read about here. 

A Memorable Trip to The Roof of the World; Ladakh

Ladakh is located 11,000 feet above sea level in the state of Jammu & Kashmir in India. It is also known as The Roof of the World as it is geographically located on the Western Himalayas range; home to the highest mountain in the world. The word Ladakh itself translates to the land of high […]

Travel Mishaps

Here is a list of ridiculous mistakes I have made along my travels and I am pretty sure there will be more in the future.   I hope you won’t make the same mistakes after reading them. 1. Single Entry Visa – I am well aware of the difference between Single Entry vs Multiple Entry. However, […]

Tanzania Visa

Required Documents: 1. Filled application form (Request it to be emailed to you by calling them) 2. 2 Passport size photos 3. Flight Booking 4. Hotel Booking Visa Fee: 200 SAR – It must be paid online Account Name: Embassy of the United Republic of  Tanzania Bank Name: SAMBA FINANCIAL GROUP Account No.: 2107014264 IBAN: SA68 […]