Georgia; The Rising Country in Tourism

10 years ago, no one would think of visiting Georgia or even heard of the country. Today, Georgia is booming with tourism. I went to Georgia via Soviet Union train from Armenia. I arrived past midnight and took a taxi to the hostel. A taxi within the city should not cost more than 2USD. I […]

Lisbon’s Secret Neighborhood; Mouraria

Lisbon is located on a hill and off the western coast of Europe. The ancient history and culture from medieval period remains pristine in the secret quarter; Mouraria. I kept falling in love with Lisbon as I walk through the colorful neighborhoods, narrow cobbled streets ¬†and pretty black and white marbled pavements. I love how […]

Earn While You Travel with AirWayBill

Many people have asked me on how I can afford traveling so often to many different countries. There are many answers to that question, especially in this digital age we are living with numerous applications, social websites and other tools that has made traveling with little budget possible. One of the genius tool I have […]


Mallorca (Majorca) is one of the Balearic islands in Spain with Palma as the capital city. Mallorca is surrounded by mountains and if you drive out of the highway, you could see many fields of watermelon and other plantations. How to get there: If you book in advance, flying is the cheapest and fastest way. […]

10 Essential Pieces for Female Backpackers

Hello guys! It’s Inas from the blog , lifestyle/fashion blog, writing a new post here for an awesome friend of mine Nada Al Nahdi! So in this post I’ll be covering type of clothing to take as a backpacker, something light, practical and of course fashionable cuz you wanna be cool in that Instagram […]

Mystical Rock Formation; the Giant’s Causeway

Upon my visit to Southern Ireland, I crossed the border to Northern Ireland which is part of the UK as there isn’t any borders between them. The journey only took 3 hours by bus from Dublin with regular schedules. I have to say that the Giant’s Causeway is one of my favorite spot in Northern/Southern […]

Holi Festival in Jaipur

Holi also known as the festival of colors is held on a yearly basis and it is most popular in the northern part of India. I chose to celebrate Holi in the pretty pink city; Jaipur. Here is Hawa Mahal; probably the most iconic structure in Jaipur with it’s intricate facade in terracotta pink. In […]

Georgia Visa

As a resident in Saudi Arabia, we are exempted from a visa. However, if you plan to visit Georgia through a border, ensure that your Iqama or other documents in Arabic to be translated to English. Personal Experience: I went to Georgia by the Soviet Union Train from Armenia, the border held me for 45 […]


Name: Nada Al Nahdi Birth Date: 01 October 1992 Origin: Indonesian/Yemeni by blood, Yemeni by nationality, Saudi by heart Nationality: Yemeni Home Town: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Birth Place: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Aspiration: To experience different cultures and way of life. To visit every country and witness the truth about them with complete disregard of the […]

Perks of Visiting Turkey During Off Season

We all know that visiting a country during off season gives many perks! Cheaper airfare, accommodation cost, less crowd, easier to bargain, short queues and a lot more! Here were my experiences in Turkey during winter which is considered a low season for tourism. 1. Hierapolis Theater all to yourself! – Feel free to sing […]