Female Travellers in Morocco

Here’s where it all started… 18th September 2015. My friend and I landed in Casablanca and the first thing I told her was ‘So, this is how it feels to be in a foreign country!’ 😀 Morocco has a rep of not female friendly. It was the first foreign country I visited and it wasn’t anything […]

Adventure Seekers; Oman is calling for you!

Let’s not underestimate the beauty that Oman is blessed with in the Gulf countries. I was struck by surprise of the greenery, landscape, hospitality,  and nature which has not been exposed enough. I am beat that I don’t have any photos or videos to show what I had experienced within just 2 days as I […]

Memorable 2015

18th September 2015: The day where it all began. When I first step foot in a foreign country without the slightest thought that I would be hooked to traveling and exploring. 22nd October 2015: My first solo trip! For my first solo trip,  I went to Egypt to attend a friend’s wedding 😀 From then […]

Things to do in Armenia

Armenia; I don’t know where to begin. Should I start with the genocide, the people, the culture, their grief, their struggle, their generosity, or the food? There’s so much to cover about Armenia and I was there for only 3 days! The experience I had in Armenia is one of the closest to my heart. […]

Climbing Mount Bisoke in Rwanda

I have always wanted to climb a mountain and at the same time, I am hesitant about it. I couldn’t be sure enough if climbing was my thing. So I decided to give it a try. I mean, you never know until you try right?! After reading BeMyTravelMuse’s post on Rwanda, she recommends to climb […]

Nairobi #donatealongtheway

Before starting my East Africa trip, I had a 3 hours transit in Nairobi which I wanted to make full use of. I received many suggestions and offers through Couchsurf to visit the UN headquarters, game drives in Nairobi National Park, visit the Elephant Orphanage etc. The offer that caught my heart was from Pastor […]

Rwanda #donatealongtheway

I got to know Emmanuel through Couchsurf. Emmanuel has been looking after 200 orphans between the age of 3 to 13 years old that were removed from the place they used to call home when Rwanda decided to close all orphanages in 2012. These children have been fostered by families who were already barely making […]

5 Pillars of Jordan

My visit to Jordan was only for 26 hours due to wrong ticket booking and I managed to cover Petra, Dead Sea, Amman (all the great food), and Mount Nebo which you can read about on this post. Here, Anissa will cover the places which I did not get to visit due to time constraint. […]

The Andalusian Capital; Sevilla

Which better place is there to experience an authentic Flamenco other than the birthplace itself and for FREE?! Visit Casa Anselma to experience an underground and authentic flamenco. The performance will leave you with shivers. Casa Anselma does not have any signage but the building is on the corner of the street with beautiful ceramic. […]

Cyprus Visa

Required Documents: 1. Filled Application Forms (Send a mail to mohammed@alfadlgroup.com to get all requirements) 2. Hotel Reservation 3. Ticket Reservation 4. Employment Letter authenticated by Chamber of Commerce 5. 3 Months Bank Statement 6. 1 Photograph 7. Travel Insurance 8. Iqama Copy 9. Passport Copy Visa Fee: 200 SAR Process Time: 10 working days Contact […]