Bahrain Visa

Travel by Air: Apply online Visa Fee: 250 SAR   Travel by Land: Requirements: The traveler must be a dependent or carry a permit letter from their guardian that they are allowed to travel. Visa Fee: FREE!   Personal Experience: The consulate informed me that I would need to pay 50 SAR and get it on […]

Cyprus Visa

Required Documents: 1. Filled Application Forms (Send a mail to to get all requirements) 2. Hotel Reservation 3. Ticket Reservation 4. Employment Letter authenticated by Chamber of Commerce 5. 3 Months Bank Statement 6. 1 Photograph 7. Travel Insurance 8. Iqama Copy 9. Passport Copy Visa Fee: 200 SAR Process Time: 10 working days Contact […]

East Africa Tourist Visa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda)

Apply Online through either countries (Kenya/Uganda/Rwanda) or Apply through either Embassy in Riyadh Required Documents:  1. Filled Application Form 2. 2 Passport Sized Photos 3. Employment Letter Visa Fee: 380 SAR Process Time: 1 Day Contact  Number: 011 454 4910 (Uganda Embassy) Location: (Uganda Embassy) Update! It is important that once you use your East Africa Visa, you […]

Rwanda Visa

Apply Visa Online: Process Time: 3 days Visa Fee: 50 USD Personal Experience: I applied online and chose the option ‘Pay Later’. I never got a response or updates. I’ve sent them several mails but no response. I ended up going using an East African Visa which you could read about here.  Nada Al Nahdi […]

Tanzania Visa

Required Documents: 1. Filled application form (Request it to be emailed to you by calling them) 2. 2 Passport size photos 3. Flight Booking 4. Hotel Booking Visa Fee: 200 SAR – It must be paid online Account Name: Embassy of the United Republic of  Tanzania Bank Name: SAMBA FINANCIAL GROUP Account No.: 2107014264 IBAN: SA68 […]

Georgia Visa

As a resident in Saudi Arabia, we are exempted from a visa. However, if you plan to visit Georgia through a border, ensure that your Iqama or other documents in Arabic to be translated to English. Personal Experience: I went to Georgia by the Soviet Union Train from Armenia, the border held me for 45 […]

Armenia Visa

Check from Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Visa Section if you need a visa. As a Yemeni, I am allowed to apply for E-Visa or Visa on Arrival. Apply Online: Visa Fee: 6 USD Process Time: 3 Working Days Nada Al Nahdi A Yemeni/Indonesian who knew nothing outside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; now craving to explore […]

Oman Visa

Apply Online: Visa Fee: 13 USD Personal Experience: I attempted to apply online twice, both times it charged my credit card but the application did not go through. The status remains due for payment. I contacted the Omani Royal Police and they couldn’t resolve the issue and informed me to get the visa on arrival. […]

Spain Visa

Required Documents: Filled Application Form Employment Letter authenticated by the Chamber of  Commerce – It should state your employment date, salary, position and contract period. Reserved return ticket Hotel Booking Valid Exit Re Entry Passport Copy Copy of previous schengen visas within 5 years if available Iqama Copy 2 Passport size photos Employee ID Car […]

Singapore Visa

Required Documents: Filled application form Hotel booking Return ticket reservation Passport size photos (2x) Passport copy Iqama copy Valid exit re entry Employment letter authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce Letter of Invitation V39A Visa Fee: 220 SAR Process Time: 5 to 15 business days Working Hours: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Location: Website: Personal […]