5 Days in Nepal

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Nepal? TREKS AND MOUNTAINS! Since I am not a big fan of trekking so I visited these instead during my 5 days trip and eventually ended up doing a short trek because WHY NOT! 😀   Kathmandu – Durbar Square – It is […]

Georgia in Winter with @ibnfatota

With a population of only 3.5 million for a country that is almost triple the size of Jeddah, it can get very quiet and sparse. However, this was not evident on my previous visit during Summer where the country was spurred with tourists. Georgia is a peaceful country with many old architectures from the Soviet […]

3 Cities within 3 Days in Cambodia

I moved around 3 cities in Cambodia within 3 days simply because I wanted to have a taste of different cities with very little budget. You might think I wasted time in traveling between cities but it was quite the opposite, I saved time and money! Means of Commuting: 2 in 1 – My favorite […]

Things to do in Armenia

Armenia; I don’t know where to begin. Should I start with the genocide, the people, the culture, their grief, their struggle, their generosity, or the food? There’s so much to cover about Armenia and I was there for only 3 days! The experience I had in Armenia is one of the closest to my heart. […]

A Memorable Trip to The Roof of the World; Ladakh

Ladakh is located 11,000 feet above sea level in the state of Jammu & Kashmir in India. It is also known as The Roof of the World as it is geographically located on the Western Himalayas range; home to the highest mountain in the world. The word Ladakh itself translates to the land of high […]

Georgia; The Rising Country in Tourism

10 years ago, no one would think of visiting Georgia or even heard of the country. Today, Georgia is booming with tourism. I went to Georgia via Soviet Union train from Armenia. I arrived past midnight and took a taxi to the hostel. A taxi within the city should not cost more than 2USD. I […]

Holi Festival in Jaipur

Holi also known as the festival of colors is held on a yearly basis and it is most popular in the northern part of India. I chose to celebrate Holi in the pretty pink city; Jaipur. Here is Hawa Mahal; probably the most iconic structure in Jaipur with it’s intricate facade in terracotta pink. In […]

Top 15 Things To Do in Japan

There are just so many things to see and do in Japan. Here are my top 15 things to do that costs very little to nothing! 1. Watch Sumo Wrestling/Train – I found it to be very interesting to watch the deeply rooted sports in the Japanese culture. Read more about how and where on this […]

Singapore – A World Class Country

Singapore is one of the smallest country in the world and it’s a melting pot of cultures. The highly cosmopolitan city has a lot to marvel within the neatly organized country. Everything seems to be perfectly arranged. I would recommend walking around the little streets such as Arab Street, Bugis Street, Little India, Orchard,  Chinatown […]

6 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Ladakh

Ladakh is located in the state of Jammu & Kashmir in India.  My first stop during my trip to India was to Ladakh. I had not made any research on the city other than places I’d like to see. As usual, I wing it! Here are few things you should know before visiting Ladakh: 1. […]