The Andalusian Capital; Sevilla

Which better place is there to experience an authentic Flamenco other than the birthplace itself and for FREE?!

Visit Casa Anselma to experience an underground and authentic flamenco. The performance will leave you with shivers.

Casa Anselma does not have any signage but the building is on the corner of the street with beautiful ceramic. It opens the door at 12:00 midnight. You should try to reserve a seat during busy days.


Casa Anselma does not charge for watching the show, feel free to come and order drinks which is slightly higher than the usual rate which I did not mind at all considering that the show is free of charge.


The performers are Anselma herself and other local Sevillans. It’s informal, spontaneous and full of excitement.



Opening  Hours: 12 midnight

Fee: Free

After spending 8 days between Barcelona and Mallorca, it was nice to go to apart of Spain that has a personality and character.

The old town, narrow pedestrian lanes, hot weather, flamenco, Moorish architecture and to actually observe locals; something I was not able to do in Barcelona, Madrid and Mallorca.


Sevilla is the heart and largest city of Andalusia.  It has historical layers which can be seen from the UNESCO heritage site; Sevilla Cathedral.




I couldn’t stop looking up at the balconies, windows and terraces. The contrast of architecture, vibrant colors, and style simply made me want to take a snap of every little thing.



The Triana bridge over the Guadalquivir River separates the Triana neighborhood from the main city of Sevilla. The locals considers this separation to date. Over at the Triana’s side they believe to have more character, culture and it is also the birthplace of Flamenco!



Plaza Espana

Where Lawrence of Arabia & Star Wars Collide 😀

This gigantic square of Moorish architecture will blow you away. It’s definitely a must visit.


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A Yemeni/Indonesian who knew nothing outside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; now craving to explore other cultures, traditions, and way of life.

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