5 Pillars of Jordan

My visit to Jordan was only for 26 hours due to wrong ticket booking and I managed to cover Petra, Dead Sea, Amman (all the great food), and Mount Nebo which you can read about on this post.

Here, Anissa will cover the places which I did not get to visit due to time constraint. Happy reading!


They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and if it scares you. Then it is a worthy thing to try. I have never gone extremely adventurous in my life. I don’t run, I have a bad stamina that even walking tires me.

Yet, Jordan offered me a lot of opportunities that made me push beyond my pre-set limits that my excuses were not able to handle. How scared can you get if you were to go to the deep but you should not swim even if you know how? Or that you need to get yourself together and conquer a mountain in the Lost City of Petra? Or push yourself up after you stumbled in the water to finish the trail in Wadi Mujib?

Jordan gave me something that I can’t resist. From floating in the Dead Sea, trekking in Wadi Mujib to hiking your way in the mountains to the Lost City of Petra to star gazing and getting lost in Wadi Rum desert. Allow me to share my experiences with you readers.

We went on a group (of four) tour under an agency named Ashraf. It cost us 399USD that includes a hotel, tour, and transportation. The package gave us a hassle-free tour of Amman, Dead Sea, Wadi Mujib, Petra to Wadi Rum then back to Amman.

The tour provided us worry-free schedule and just have fun in Jordan. If you are going on a group tour I highly recommend to book a tour of an agency for hassle-free travel airport when you arrive back to the airport when you leave. The agency provided us good services. From hotel bookings, schedules, and guides.

Just a quick note on what to bring: Since Jordan is 85% desert, make sure you have good trekking shoes, swimwear, invest on a good sun protection products and of course your Wadi and Petra outfit for your ultimate Instagram post😉.

5 Pillars of Jordan

1) Amman: “the calm before the storm”

Amman will give you a nice city vibe, I personally enjoyed the uphill and downhill of the place. If you are up for a posh cafe/mall thing Boulevard is a nice place to go. But if you are an immersing to local kind of traveler go to Rainbow street and you will find hipster people there. We came during the Eid season and we saw a lot of youth in there where they just play random music and dance to it.


2) Dead Sea: “world’s lowest point”

The dead sea is literally dead. No waves. No coral. No anything but salt. Be careful of the salt water though because it will burn your eyes like hell! This activity was fun and scary to a point that you will be amazed how dead the sea is yet scary that you should not swim. After taking a dip in the water, never forget to try the “mud therapy”. Local sell muds in the resort (Amman beach resort). For 3JDs you can have a body filled with mud that provides your minerals from the dead sea. So yes, it’s a must try! Be on the lowest point of the earth get muddy. And oh, it felt great after showering the mud off. It gives you this mineral-rich-glowing skin 😜 they even sell beauty products that were made of mud in the place.



3) Wadi Mujid: “just push yourself”

And the storm began for me. Wadi Mujib is a trail where you will get soak in water walk against the water current and climb up to some rocks. Given the fact that I’m a nurse, that didn’t help me on this activity. I had the lowest, creepiest and the worst stamina in my group and probably with all of the people in there doing the trek. It started very well and chill until an obstacle presented itself and I had to climb on rocks and push myself up. Fortunately, I made it to the 90% of the trail. Ultimate advice? No matter how slow or fast you are you just have to do it and finish the trail. Channel your energy from within yourself and from your group. JUST. DO. IT. And I’m sure just like me, you will love yourself after doing something that you never did before and actually survived it.


4) Lost City of Petra: “get lost along the way but never lose your goal”

Having beaten up on Wadi Mujid trail, I seriously just wanted to go to the Siq, get to the main site which was The Treasury and then chill to some more spots. We even rented a horse for me not to walk. But the chill tour didn’t happen when we took the tour guides offer to see a panoramic view of Petra. opportunity strikes again when I had to push myself, call all the gods and goddesses to help me conquer hiking. it was my proudest moment that I didn’t die.



5) Wadi Rum: “Mars on Earth”

This was my most favorite place in Jordan. If you are a fan of getting lost in the desert, stargazing in the total darkness. watching and being with Bedouins this place is your place to be. Wadi Rum is big, at night to can enjoy and lay in the darkness just to watch stars and shooting stars, in the morning it took us 5 hours to explore the whole desert. since it was a big place we needed to rent a jeep to tour us around the desert which cost 100JD for 5 hours.


IMG_6283 IMG_6237

Overall, Jordan is a place with great adventures and places to offer. Whether it be a solo or a group travel it will work!

A Yemeni/Indonesian who knew nothing outside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; now craving to explore other cultures, traditions, and way of life.

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