The Forgotten Pyramids in Sudan

Before visiting Sudan, I thought I would run out of things to do. Instead, I ran out of time to see the many remote and hidden treasures.

Did you know that Sudan has pyramids? They have nearly 200 pyramids, giving them the country with the biggest number of pyramids in the world!

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I had a chance to visit Pyramids of Meroe, about 400km from Khartoum on the east bank of River Nile.

These ancient pyramids are not commercialized so you get to admire the entire place without any other tourists around or persuasive sellers!

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Despite the many severely damaged pyramids due to treasure hunts in the past, they remain a spectacular sight.

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The pyramids were not the only highlight of my trip. I have listed below other things to do while in Sudan.

Hamad An Nil – Every Friday around 4 p.m. until sunset, the Sufi perform a ritual ceremony which includes the dervish whirls.

It is recommended for females to wear a scarf out of respect but not mandatory. The Sufi form a large circle and as visitors, you are not allowed to be standing amongst them.

Males are allowed to enter the circle given that he goes barefoot while females are not allowed at all.

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The Confluence of White & Blue River Nile – Many have visited River Nile in Egypt but they forget the junction of White & Blue river Nile which contribute to River Nile.

There is an abandoned park “Mogran Family Park” located by a bridge for a great view. However, It was closed upon my visit and I had to go under the bridge by asking permission from the military guard on the bridge.

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Tuti Island – It is a crescent-shaped island where Blue & White Nile meet. Visit the top floor of Corinthia Hotel for a 360 view of Tuti Island as well as the confluence of Blue & White Nile.

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Tea Lady – Sudanese love their hot tea and coffee even if the weather is 40 degrees.These hot drinks are served by Tea Ladies which are found in almost every corner.


Jabal Awliya – A small village 40km south of Khartoum great to watch local fishermen and you could pick the freshly caught fish to be fried by a park nearby for a great meal.

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Buy a local popsicle to beat the heat!


Visit a Farm – My host drove me up to the family-owned farm for a change of scenery to Khartoum.

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Crash a Wedding – And wear the traditional dress! Only married women wear the traditional dress but since I didn’t have any dress and wanted to try the local attire, I borrowed one from my host.


Mango King ملك المنقه

Do not miss out on the best mango juice you will ever taste! It’s not as thick and heavy as the usual mango juice. It is also made differently by straining the juice after blending it.


Got more time to spend in Sudan? Consider the following places to visit; Wadi Halfa, Jabal Berkal, Port Sudan, Soleb, Musawarat, Jabal Marra, Dinder National Park, Dongola, El Kurru  Tombs, Arkawit, Sanganeb and so much more!


The best way to explore Sudan is to rent a 4×4. There is lack of transportation and the places to visit are located far from the main areas.

Travel Permit:

Travelers are required to acquire a Travel and Photo permit to move outside Khartoum. Hand in one passport photo and visa copy to the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife and they will provide the permit free of charge. They are closed on Fridays and Saturdays.


I had wonderful hosts in Sudan, feel free to contact them for any inquiries.

Mahdi Omar +249 91 233 2328

Mohammad Sawahly +249 91 226 0874

*Photos were taken by Mohammad Sawahly



A Yemeni/Indonesian who knew nothing outside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; now craving to explore other cultures, traditions, and way of life.

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