Rwanda #donatealongtheway

I got to know Emmanuel through Couchsurf.

Emmanuel has been looking after 200 orphans between the age of 3 to 13 years old that were removed from the place they used to call home when Rwanda decided to close all orphanages in 2012.

These children have been fostered by families who were already barely making ends meet. However, with open heart they adopted another child.

I was touched by the story of how Emmanuel tried to give each one of them a home. He did this because he knows exactly what these children feel and what they need as he used to live in an orphanage.

Here are some photos of the kids whom I have donated some school supplies with the help of my friends.

I really wish I could give more and spend time with the kids. Due to time constraint, I couldn’t meet these lovely children.

If any of you are going to visit Rwanda or know someone who is going there; please contribute to these children for a brighter future.

Remember that; every little bit helps. ❤

Contact Person: Emmanuel

Contact Number: +250 783 031 114


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