Nairobi #donatealongtheway

Before starting my East Africa trip, I had a 3 hours transit in Nairobi which I wanted to make full use of.

I received many suggestions and offers through Couchsurf to visit the UN headquarters, game drives in Nairobi National Park, visit the Elephant Orphanage etc.

The offer that caught my heart was from Pastor David. He offered to host me for a few hours in his home where he also looks after 25 orphans.

These children lost their parents from the violent conflict during the election in 2007, death by natural cause or the prevalent virus of HIV/AIDS.

Pastor David’s aim is to ensure that these children receive basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and most importantly, education.

His goal is to make these children self-sufficient so they can build a bright future ahead and be fully dependent on their skills and capabilities.

He doesn’t put the children into public schools to avoid the dangers of possible rape. He wants only what’s best for these children by what he is capable of.

I was happy to be able to spend my couple of hours in Nairobi with these beautiful souls and contributed some donations with the help of my friends.

Pastor David is looking forward to expanding their space so that he could take in more children and provide better homes.

If you wish to contribute to these children’s future, please feel free to contact Pastor David.

Every little bit helps ☺

And if you ever visit Nairobi, he will be more than happy to open his home to you ❤

Contact Person: David

Contact Number: +254 721 852387


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