Mystical Rock Formation; the Giant’s Causeway

Upon my visit to Southern Ireland, I crossed the border to Northern Ireland which is part of the UK as there isn’t any borders between them. The journey only took 3 hours by bus from Dublin with regular schedules.


I have to say that the Giant’s Causeway is one of my favorite spot in Northern/Southern Ireland.

If you visit Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland (if the border is still open), please give a day to visit the beautifully interlocked rock formation.


Giant’s Causeway is a UNESCO heritage site for it’s natural beauty. It is located on the north coast of Northern Ireland.

The mystical perfectly interlocked polygonal rocks was a result of volcanic eruption that happened 60 million years ago!

Here are some photos of my trip to Northern Ireland.


There are several trails in the area and you will find beautiful landscape around you.


Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge is a lot of fun! Don’t miss out on walking on the rope between the mainland to the island. Remember to get the ticket at the entrance in order to cross the rope!


It might be in the UK but it surely has Irish weather. The wind was blowing hard and at some point it rained and other time it was sunny. Be prepared for many seasons at once!



Classic me when it rains without an umbrella in hand 😛


How beautiful is the interlocked rocks?!


You could also visit Bushmills Distillery, and several sites where Game of Thrones scenes were filmed upon your visit.


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