3 Cities within 3 Days in Cambodia

I moved around 3 cities in Cambodia within 3 days simply because I wanted to have a taste of different cities with very little budget. You might think I wasted time in traveling between cities but it was quite the opposite, I saved time and money!

Means of Commuting:

2 in 1 – My favorite type of commuting is an overnight sleeper bus! It saves cost from spending on accommodation and saves time as I am moving while I rest flat on a comfortable bed throughout the long journey overnight and wake up in a new city!


Day 1 – Siem Reap – Battambang

Walked around Siem Reap and had lunch at Sister Srey Cafe which serves delicious wholefood organic dishes. It is run by expats which is quiet common in Cambodia. A lot of the restaurants/cafes/hostels are run by expatriates than local itself. In fact, I hardly saw  local restaurants.

20170421_095926 PSX_20170426_193630

I took the afternoon bus to Battambang which takes about 4 hours.


Bamboo Train Ride – Call it a tourist trap but I had fun sitting on the wooden train with bamboo mat laid on top. As it started to move along the stretch of fields and sped through, I couldn’t help but smile and fully enjoyed the moment. The journey took about an hour for two ways. Beware of lots of people trying to guilt you into buying things at the end of the track!

20170421_173731 20170421_172203 20170421_165333 20170421_180746

Ate the best Chinese noodles and dumplings in my life at Chinese Noodle Dumpling Restaurant.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/LPu7yMacgaS2


Chilled at Pomme Bar in the pub district. 


Overnight sleeper bus to Sihanoukville – About 14 hours journey Sihanoukville – Phnom Penh (Stop Over) – Sihanoukville.

Day 2 – Sihanoukville

I woke up, arrived in Sihanoukville and decided to spend the day at Otres Beach; known for lots of hippies and a popular spot for backpackers.

I can’t blame them for diving straight to Otres, it has a very laid back feel, clean and not crowded or at least the time I was there (May).  You could find cheap Khmer food along the stretch of Otres 1 & Otres 2.

20170422_132527 20170422_174603 Snapchat-1152562690 Snapchat-1736913032.jpg

Took an overnight sleeper bus from Battambang to Siem Reap.

Day 3 – Siem Reap

Hired a tuktuk ->bought Angkor Wat Ticket -> Angkor Wat.


I visited only 3 temples; Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm and Bayon.

20170423_065032 PSX_20170430_234002

I’m not big on temples, but Ta Prohm is phenomenal. I visited it twice and spent at least 2 hours each visit marveling at the tick roots shooting up from different places.

It is as if the roots are holding it together and at the same time, tearing it apart in the most beautiful way.

PSX_20170423_102641 PSX_20170502_003247


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