Adventure Seekers; Oman is calling for you!

Let’s not underestimate the beauty that Oman is blessed with in the Gulf countries.

I was struck by surprise of the greenery, landscape, hospitality,  and nature which has not been exposed enough.

I am beat that I don’t have any photos or videos to show what I had experienced within just 2 days as I don’t own any waterproof camera.

Clearly, I need to get one so in times like this I could capture the moment!

Let’s cut to the chase on what Oman has to offer, and keep in mind that what I saw and experience is nearly nothing to the extent of what the country has to offer.

1. Wadi Shab

Wadi Shab is located in Tiwi in the city of Sur. It is popular for the waterfall in the submerged cave.

It takes about 45 minutes hike and swims through 3 pools filled with clear blue water to reach the cave.

First, you have to cross this muddy pool to get to the other side and begin the trail. Our guide was very well experienced so he guided us without having to get sucked into the mud.

Alternatively, you could get on a boat and help the local community by paying 1 Omani Riyal which is equivalent to 2.5 USD.

The first half of the hike is an easy simple hike, and the next half involves climbing on boulders.

The highlight of this Wadi is the knotted rope in the submerged cave where visitors can try to climb it up and then jump off the cliff.

Make sure to get your fitness game on!

It requires some upper body strength and a hell lot of determination to keep trying to pull yourself up against a giant bulging boulder with only a single knotted rope.

It’s a lot of fun trying to climb and continuously fall. While others climb up with ease as if there was an invisible ladder! I needed to get pushed and pulled by TWO guides! 😂

It would be safe to go unguided as the trail is short and not complex. It is one of the most popular Wadi among locals and expats so it is unlikely for you to be alone in the Wadi. You could ask guidance from any passers-by.


2. Wadi Bani Khalid is located about 200km from Muscat. It has many pools and large boulders throughout the trail.

The guide arranged some abseiling gears for each one of us to use during the trail.

The trail changes with a mix of boulders, pool, water slides, waterfall, and caves!

I loved how it’s constantly changing so you don’t feel exhausted and its always full of fun!

We would walk for a bit, and we would feel a bit hot and find a pool or waterfall to cool off!

The waterfall is not to be missed! It will give you the best massage from mother nature!

The natural water slides? Better than any waterpark slides! 😀

And of course, cliff jumping and abseiling is part of the fun!

It took us about 5 hours to do the trail. Of course, there isn’t any set trail because it’s still wild and raw! No entrance fee or signs or whatsoever! It’s amazing!

3. Wadi Meebam is on top of my list among the other Wadi’s visited. The landscape, flora, and fauna are different than the other wadis visited.

Even though I only visited a small part of it due to the shortage of time, it was enough to blow me away.

The beauty also comes with a price. It was the most challenging one in terms of climbing.

We abseiled our way down but we had to climb up to a slippery and almost flat surface without anything to grab onto other than little holes here and there.

Thankfully the guides were strong enough to pull and push all of us!

It was well worth the fun and beauty!

Wadi Meebam has large pools with so many frogs swimming around.

If you had to visit only one Wadi, I would highly suggest Wadi Meebam!

4. Bimmah Sinkhole: I visited the sinkhole towards the end of my trip and I didn’t spend much time.

It’s a nice place to visit and relax because it does not require any climbing or hiking. It is located within a park and requires less than 5 minutes walk from the entrance.

To my adventure and thrill seeker reader, make sure Oman is on your near future list of destination to visit while it is still exotic, raw and wild.

Isn’t it always best to explore an unknown path rather than a place filled with tourists?

Yalla visit Oman and leave your footprints!

Don’t forget to bring proper gear as the rocks are slippery and the climb on the steep rocky mountain is quite tricky.

And I almost forgot! One of the best parts of the trip was sleeping on the Turtle beach! For FREE!

All you need is a blanket to keep you warm!

The turtles come out when it’s dark and just before sunrise.

So if you wake up early enough and run to the beach, you might catch them and swim along with them!

I’d like to thank @wanderlust.oman for connecting me with @asimbalochoman and for picking me up at 5am from the airport!

The hospitality they gave me was beyond me! I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. Everything was taken care of! Thank you guys!!! I hope to visit Oman again to tackle Jabal Shams!

If you need any help in Oman, these guys are the best! You have my word!

Contact: Asim

Number: +968 9515 0160

Instagram: @asimbalochoman

Contact: Zainab

Number: +968 9587 8786

Instagram: @wanderlust.oman

A Yemeni/Indonesian who knew nothing outside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; now craving to explore other cultures, traditions, and way of life.

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  1. Finally the mystery of the knotted rope hanging down a hole in Wadi Bani Khalid has been answered! I had wondered what on earth would it be for!

    1. Hahah! You should climb it if you haven’t 😁

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