Georgia; The Rising Country in Tourism

10 years ago, no one would think of visiting Georgia or even heard of the country.

Today, Georgia is booming with tourism.

I went to Georgia via Soviet Union train from Armenia.


I arrived past midnight and took a taxi to the hostel. A taxi within the city should not cost more than 2USD.


I chose to stay in the old town so I could wander on foot. I was intensely traveling in Armenia for 5 days, so I took it pretty easy on my one day trip in Tbilisi which was initially planned for 3 days.


1. Breakfast – Machakhela restaurant caught my eyes as I walked around. Apparently it is a chain of traditional Georgian cuisine with a very reasonable price.


The portion is huge, great quality of food and the price was more than affordable. However, the restaurant gets very busy so it is not the best place to eat if you are in a rush.


2. Botanical Garden – I met with several Couchsurfers and we decided to visit the Botanical Garden.



There is an easy trail towards Mother of Georgia which is pretty nice.



They also have a zipline that you could do in the Botanical Garden.

3. Aerial Tramway – After the hike up to Mother of Georgia in the Botanical Garden, there is an aerial tramway that will take you down by the Peace Bridge. It costs 1USD and it needs to be paid by a card that can be purchased by the ticket counter.

It’s a perfect ride for a 360 view of the city!


4. Turtle Lake – I wanted to visit a lake or anything close to nature and away from tourists since the city was invaded by tourism.


A local recommended Turtle Lake, unfortunately, it was also very touristy as it was only by the outskirts of the city. I couldn’t go far out from Tbilisi due to time constraint so I chilled for awhile in a coffee shop by the lake.

5. Sulfur Bath – The prices for Sulfur bath varies depending on the service it offers. As a budget traveler, I always go for the cheapest one possible.


I visited a public Georgian bath, it costs about 2USD. It was my first time to have a sulfur bath. I’ve tried drinking sulfur in Turkey before but never a bath.

I really enjoyed the bath especially after intense traveling. It was a nice way to refresh my body and relax.


What to expect: The sulfur scent is really intense even after taking a shower with fresh water. It is full nudity in a female only bath. Don’t forget to bring your own shampoo, soap and towel to avoid extra payments. They provide a locker to store all your belongings.

There are ladies inside the bath that can scrub or massage you for an extra fee. It’s 2 USD for a scrub and 4 USD for a massage.

It is important to be specific before starting the service as some of them might do a scrub and a massage in less than 20 minutes while it should last for at least 50 minutes.

6. Folk Dance & Dinner: Since I was taking it easy in Tbilisi, I decided to have a nice dinner and watch a cultural show. I was recommended to visit Metekhi Restaurant and the food, service and show was amazing.



It’s pretty crazy that a meal in a fine restaurant costs less than the little cup of fresh pomegranate juice in the streets. Why people pay 8.35USD for a small cup of pomegranate juice is beyond me 😀

7. Wander  – Wander around the old town and immense in the old architecture that remained since the Soviet Union.


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